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  1. 1. scour, clean, polish, rub, wash, cleanse, buff The corridors are scrubbed clean. 2. (Informal) cancel, drop, give up, abandon, abolish, forget about, call off, delete, do away with, discontinue The whole thing had to be scrubbed.
  2. to rub hard with a brush, cloth, etc., or against a rough surface in washing. to subject to friction; rub. verb (used without object), scrubbed, scrub·bing. to cleanse something by hard rubbing.
  3. A scrub is a more derogatory form of the slang "noob", "nub" etc. and is primarily used in video games, particularly those which are multiplayer based. Whilst a noob is generally considered one who is new to the game, and as a result not proficient, a scrub need not necessarily be new.
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