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  1. Definition of estancia: a South American cattle ranch or stock farm Examples of estancia in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Strip away the Humvees and athletic fields, and the base could be an Argentine estancia.
  2. noun, plural es·tan·cias [e-stahn-see-uhz; Spanish es-tahn-syahs]. (in Spanish America) a landed estate or a cattle ranch.
  3. Estancias synonyms, Estancias pronunciation, Estancias translation, English dictionary definition of Estancias. n. A large estate or cattle ranch in Spanish America. n a large estate or cattle ranch n., pl. -cias. a landed estate or a cattle ranch.
  4. In Argentina, the estancias are tightly linked to the history and essence of our culture. Surrounded with tradition, they shelter the past and present of both criollos and immigrants.
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  6. Translate Estancia. See 4 authoritative translations of Estancia in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.
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